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Raymond M. Hozalski, Ph.D.

Professor of Environmental Engineering, University of Minnesota

Raymond M. Hozalski Dr. Raymond M. Hozalski is a water treatment expert whose research focuses on biological processes/biotechnology. He is especially interested in the study of biofilms, which are communities of bacteria and other microorganisms immobilized on solid surfaces. His research group is well known for its work on biologically-active granular media filtration (biofiltration) including investigation of pathogen removal, taste and odor control, pharmaceutical and pesticide removal, disinfection byproduct precursor fate, and microbial community composition and impacts on biofilter performance. Dr. Hozalski’s group is also known for its research on biofilms in water distribution systems and premise plumbing and its role in affecting drinking water quality and public health. He regularly works with water utilities in the U.S. and abroad on applied research projects and as a consultant. He is a member of the U.S. EPA's Science Advisory Board Drinking Water Committee.