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Mark Dawson, AWMSoc

International Sales Director, Hydrosense

Mark Dawson Mark Dawson has eight years of experience in the water management sector. He has worked with many high-profile companies in the UK, providing water management services, acting as a consultant and providing his expertise and guidance to assist with current legislation around Legionella. His interest in water safety and microbiology, coupled with many years of experience on the ground carrying out Legionella monitoring tasks and remedial work, have provided him with a wealth of in-depth knowledge surrounding Legionella and Legionella management. Mr. Dawson is a member of the Water Management Society in the UK and is dedicated to uncovering the best possible practices for Legionella risk reduction. In his current role, he helps clients across the globe to improve their water quality with his Legionella risk reduction strategy in mind. His focus is on prevention rather than cure and he hopes to have a positive impact on public health with his holistic, proactive approach.

Legionella Testing Strategies During a Pandemic With Hydrosense

Abstract: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has amplified Legionella risk for a number of reasons, the key factors being stagnation in the pipes of mothballed and low-use sites, reduced access to sites and therefore reduced maintenance during periods of closure and increased susceptibility to secondary infections like Legionnaires’ disease.

Hydrosense has been working closely with water management professionals across the globe to adapt to the “new normal” and design novel strategies for Legionella sampling which can minimize in-person interactions for water engineers and streamline recommissioning activities so that businesses and other buildings can re-open safely and quickly.

When implemented together, the Remote Testing and Accelerated Recommissioning Legionella testing strategies, developed by Hydrosense, provide a framework to maintain a high standard of water quality throughout and following lockdown and provides a harm reduction-led road map for managing buildings today and during future crises.