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Kelley Dearing Smith

President and Scientific Director, Biolinea International

Kelley Dearing Smith Kelley Dearing Smith’s career revolves around out-of-the-box thinking and telling a story. In her 20-year career, Kelley has developed strategic partnerships and communication efforts that build Louisville Water’s brand and highlight the value of something most people take for granted: high-quality drinking water. She is a member of the company’s executive leadership team and directs internal and external communications and content marketing, brand development, education and outreach, government relations and economic development. Kelley has authored a book highlighting Louisville Water’s history and oversaw the development of the WaterWorks Museum at the company’s 1860 original pumping station. Kelley is vice-chair of the American Water Works Association’s Public Affairs Council and frequently speaks to utilities on best practices for branding and communication. She holds a B.A. in broadcast journalism from Eastern Kentucky University.

Technical Difficulties: Communicating About Water Quality

Co-Presenter: Mandy Cawby

Abstract: How do you take a technical water quality message and deliver it to a diverse audience? Using the real-life example of the COVID-19 pandemic and the mass closures and re-openings of commercial businesses after lockdown, we’ll show how experienced communication professionals at water utilities delivered a strategic communication that protected public health. Learn step-by-step practical advice and strategies on building your own rapid response communication campaign. This presentation includes key messages, strategic communication models and campaign tactics that can be tailored to small, medium and large utilities.