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Greg Swafford, CPD, GPD

Technical Sales Manager - Commercial Water, GF Piping Systems USA

Greg Swafford Greg Swafford has nearly 20 years’ experience as a plumbing designer, project manager and plumbing department leader at MEP consulting firms. As Technical Sales Manager for GF Piping Systems, Greg leads the technical sales team of piping systems specialists. He is responsible for the growth and oversight of the U.S. commercial water market segment through business development, product development and the creation of technical resources. In addition to his work with GF Piping Systems, he is committed to advancing public health and safety by volunteering with industry organizations. He currently serves as Affiliate Liaison for Region 5 of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers and is a committee member of ASHRAE SPC 514.

Emerging Trends Impacting Premise Plumbing and How to Manage Risks in System Design

Abstract: Emerging trends in recent years are having a significant impact on our potable water service and the longevity of building piping systems. An increase in waterborne bacteria illnesses and piping material corrosion/degradation are leading to increased liability and higher operating costs – not to mention that the lack of skilled labor and rising construction costs plague every project. This presentation will explore these emerging trends, their impact and the design solutions available to provide safe, efficient and long-lasting potable water systems.